PASSING [Excerpt 'Scars'] from The Right Brothers on Vimeo.



“PASSING confronts hidden issues in a gripping one-woman performance, through tales that span decades. It successfully captures the history and it’s immensely entertaining too.”

– The Metro Times


“PASSING will open dialogue about complexion and class. The playwright, Dara Harper presents a unique take on race.”

– Caribbean Life Magazine


PASSING a riveting, high-energy, live performance! It still resonates so deeply… a century after the time period in which (the play) begins.”

– B.L.A.C. Detroit Magazine


“PASSING weaves together stories from Roulhac’s life. It (embodies) a message of love transcending appearance.”

– Encore Michigan


“PASSING brings issues of race, ethnicity, identity, class and interracial relationships to the forefront.”

– The West Bloomfield Patch