mayowaonstageFrom Off-Broadway, to the Midwest, to the heart of the south, PASSING has touched the hearts of thousands of theatergoers.

PASSING, an intriguing one-woman, 10-character show premiered to sold-out audiences Off-Broadway. The play is inspired by the true story of Minerva Roulhac. Born in 1885 in Marianna, Florida. At the age of 5, Minerva was orphaned and raised in a close-knit African-American community. Because of her very light complexion, Minerva could have “passed” for white. This is the story of her remarkable choice.
Minerva raised eight college-educated children. She lived to be nearly 100 years old and bestowed future generations with her wisdom, including her great-granddaughter and the playwright, Dara Harper. PASSING explores one woman’s beautiful and memorable struggle to find a family of her own.
Though the play is set in the segregated south, diverse communities can relate to Minerva’s journey. Our history and our present are filled with examples of people who changed their self-identity to stay alive… from Holocaust victims who “passed” as Christian to survive to members of the LGBT community who have “passed” as heterosexual to avoid hateful attacks. PASSING invites audiences to see beyond “black” and “white,” and places a magnifying glass on the spectrum of colors in-between.